Dances of India, Dancer with Blessing Logo Featured Performance:

19th Annual Saint Louis Dance Festival!

March 31, 2018

Skip Viragh Center for the Arts,

Chaminade College Prep School.


Check back soon for ticket details!




Please click below for a clip of our 2016 production The Music of Water--Tales of Adventure, Love, & Magic Along the Sacred Rivers of India:

Clip of The Music of Water from our 39th Season



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Asha & Dr. Prem are constantly

looking for ways to collaborate with

other dance companies, non-profit

organizations, and other cultures.

Dances of India brings programs to

underserved schools and provide exquisite programming in spaces like Washington University so

younger students are able to visit

a college campus light years away from possibly taking a college tour.

This alone plants ideas in a young

person's mind that one day I will be able to go to school here and that I belong here. This type of programmming is definitely needed,

as St. Louis often paints itself as onlyl a black and white community, which it is not.

---Missouri Arts Council Panel Member, 2014


Thank you for participating in our first Cultural Connections Series. Rashmi, Madhavan, Radhika Jain, and Shamaita Muzumdar were excellent dancers. The St. Louis County Library community was fortunate to have your group share Indian culture with them.

Bianca Roberts
Manager, Youth Services,
St. Louis County Library


The level of technical expertise and personal style was magical. Everyone was mesmerized with the dancer's subtle movements and brilliant smiles. I especially appreciated the pose at the end which depicted the deities currently in our Asian galleries. It was a lovely touch and connected so well with what we do here at the Museum.

Catherine Cathers
Associate Educator,
St. Louis Art Museum


It’s always such a pleasure to have   your dance company join us in our Diwali event. We get such wonderful feedback and it really furthers the interest and understanding of the Indian culture. Thank you all!

Sugako Anderson,


St. Louis.


Dances of India participating artists are professionals (8) and dance graduates (10) from various schools. In addition, there are 75 students with varying talents and skills.

In 2017-2018 Dances of India will celebrate its 40th season, a significant milestone for any arts organization. Celebrating now more than 40 years of performing, Dances of India has four principal activities:

Year-Round Concerts of Classical & Folk East Indian Dance
Dances of India has an eclectic collection of works in its repertoire; in addition to traditional solos, duets, and dance dramas, such as The Ramayana, The Magic Swan, The Magic Grove, Secrets from the Indian Storybook,the Birth of Nataraja, and Narasimha, (all based on classic Indian myths) , the company has pushed the boundaries of traditional Indian dance with several original productions.  Most of these are narrated.  Samples include:


  • 2017:  Devi of the Ashes--Cinderella in India. A very Indian take on the beloved Western classic.  A clip is coming soon!   
  • 2016: The Music of Water--Tales of Adventure, Love, and Magic along India's Sacred Rivers.  This production featured stories in which the goddess Saraswati--goddess of imagination, learning, intellect--played leading roles. She is very rarely highlighted in a production, as she is quite an erudite abstract goddess. But, we made it happen--and had a lot of fun along the way.
  • 2015:  INCANDESCENT: The Luminous Love-Story of the Sun. In this fully narrated piece we gave a very poetic touch to the romantic tale of Surya, deity of the sun, and Sajna, the daughter of the cosmic architect. Kiran Rajagopalan played Surya, Theckla Mehta choreographed the piece, and Nartana Premachandra wrote and narrated the script.
  • 2014:  The Nutcracker and Swan Lake—traditional Indian dance done to Tchaikovsky’s original score.  

               (SwanLake was performed in1988 in collaboration with Dance St. Louis)

  • 2008:  Akbar's Magic Trunk--Possibly the first time classical Indian dance was fused with live magic!  Keith Jozsef, a professional illusionist, dazzled the audience with impossible-to-believe illusion in this suspensful, humorous dance drama that took place in Akbar the Great's court. Kiran Rajagopalan, a rising star in the world of classical Indian dance, played the part of Akbar.

  • 2007:  An Incantation of Incarnation—the Ten Wondrous Lives of Vishnu—this piece narrated the ancient myth of the ten wondrous lives of Vishnu  to Strauss' Tales of the Vienna Woods and Ravel's Bolero---a truly eclectic, enchantic concoction of Indian myth and Western music.
  • 2006:  Rhapsody for the Blue Gods—a truly unique confection of American melodies and Indian rhythms! A script narrating episodes from the life of Rama and Krishna, Hinduism’s blue deities, was recorded over George Gershwin’s beloved classics An American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue. Indian dance was performed to the music.
  •  2005:  The Wizard of Oz, 2003:  A Midsummer’s Night Dream—all these pieces incorporated traditional Indian dance to a “fusion” music—i.e., music which mingles both Western and Indian beats and melodies.
  • 2004:  Tara—a Tibetan Buddhist dance drama, using the chanting of Buddhist monks in music fused with both Indian and Tibetan melodies.

Arts and Education Programming
Dances of India partners with the St. Louis Public Schools, the Vaughn Cultural Center and the University of Missouri at St. Louis (UMSL) to present Indian arts in a educational curriculum each spring and fall to more than 2500 area students (ages 6-13) a large proportion of whom are African-American. The purpose for these presentations is to promote arts education and encourage children at an early age to be more open and receptive to foreign traditions.

OUtreach Activities
Dances of India has performed in several regional cultural institutions such as  the International Institute, the St. Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Public Library, and the St. Louis County Library system. Other public and private venues for artistic demonstrations include senior citizen centers and high schools, both in the city and county of St. Louis. Approximately 3000 children and adults participate in our outreach activities annually. In addition, Dances of India has performed in dozens of corporations in the St. Louis metropolitan area, such as Ameren, Anheuser-Busch, Enterprise Rental, Citi Mortage, American Family Insurance, and At & t , among many others.

Annual Dance Showcase
Dances of India sponsors and coordinates an annual dance showcase--the St. Louis Dance Festival Showcase, now in its 18th year--representing various dance styles in the spring of each year (ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, folk, flamenco, African, middle Eastern, Indian, and others). In 2014, for the 15 th Annual St. Louis Dance Festival Showcase, more than 30 companies participated. Please see the Events page for more information.